Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Sperunking: noun [spi-run-kin] - the act of exploring caves while running, hurdling obstacles, crawling and tip-toeing through quicksand.

About the Course

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Course Info:

Non-standard distance about ~3 miles in the constant 56 degree sand mine, with obstacles approximately every 1/2 mile. Be prepared for the following possibilities:

Photo of the mine

  • climbing
  • wading
  • hurdling
  • balancing
  • crawling
  • navigating up sand dunes
  • and running over "quicksand"

The course winds through an old sand mine so it is almost entirely on a sand surface: some wet and some dry, some deep and some shallow. Prepare to be challenged!

You may be outside of the mine to begin the race so be ready for a climate change.


2015 Race map coming soon!

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