Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Sperunking: noun [spi-run-kin] - the act of exploring caves while running, hurdling obstacles, crawling and tip-toeing through quicksand.

Race Updates

Important information for sperunkers and spectators divider

A Message from your Race Director

This race just keeps getting better and better! I have had a blast designing new challenges and I hope everyone has an awesome time!

Suggestions to Runners:

  • Non mesh shoes work the best in the sand.
  • Workout gloves are a strong suggestion.
  • Bring sweats and dry socks to put on after the race so you can enjoy the festivities. There will be a bag check at registration, and changing rooms.
  • Car pool if at all possible. Parking is limited, i will be on the lot at the cave, along the dirt road fence, the road outside the cave entrance and the Park just down from the entrance. If we have to we will overflow into The Eagles parking lot just off 67.
  • This race is designed to challenge each person individually, if you feel you can't do an obstacle, skip it. However, for prize placement, you must do and/or attempt the obstacle or you will be disqualified by the course marshals.
  • There are two water stations inside the course
  • If you get hurt and can't walk out we have a rescue jeep that will come and get you. Find your closest course marshal.
  • A special thanks to Alpha Pi Omega (SLU), Battlegrounds Mud Run and Cedar Lake Cellars, Crystal City Cycling, Fleet Feet, Princeton Tec, and Roma Cary as well as the Board of Directors of PayBack, Inc. and the many volunteers who make this event a success.

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